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Our mission is to empower and support families in their homeschool journey by providing expert advice, personalized solutions, and invaluable resources in order to help the child succeed.

Through the classical philosophy of education, children are trained to be thinkers, utilizing their minds for intellectual and moral growth.  Integrating Islamic values into everyday learning is the key to an enriching future. 



Our vision is to elevate the homeschool experience by guiding families through the complexities of homeschooling with creativity and confidence.  We aspire to inspire children to become leaders of society so they may be a catalyst for positive and holistic growth. 


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Before my first child was born, I envisioned providing my children with a top-notch education, naturally leaning towards Islamic schooling. However, my search left me dissatisfied with the options available – one lacked an impressive curriculum while another suffered from overcrowded classrooms. How could my children succeed and thrive in such environments? 

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All Consultations Are Free For The First 15 Minutes For New Clients

Getting Started With Homeschooling:

Getting started, County and state requirements, Choosing a curriculum, Multi age homeschooling, Joining co-ops and umbrellas

Middle To High
School Transition:

Choosing high school classes, managing transcripts and report cards, dual enrollment options

College Advising For
High School Students:

Preparing transcripts and report cards, applying to college, letters of recommendation, standardized testing, gap year, dual enrollment

Hifdh (Quran Memorization) And Homeschooling:

Balancing Quran and school, making the Quran a part of your curriculum, memorization and revision strategies

Interactive Homeschool workshops:

Workshops for parents and religious organizations

-Intro to homeschooling: legal requirements, choosing a curriculum, time management and balance, joining a co-op, building a support system

-Hifdh and homeschooling: Strategies for memorizing the Quran while homeschooling

-High School and College Advising: how to prepare for the next step, career choices, dual enrollment, transcripts, SAT's, college admission


" Nahiya gave my family the advice and support we needed to successfully navigate the hifdh and homeschooling process for our children. " 

Shaykh Amir

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